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To contact Ken about his books, please use:

Speaking Engagements:

If you're interested in having Ken speak at a function, please contact him at the above email address, and include your phone number so he can call you.
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Regarding the story Requiem for Black Shoes, if you have a personal story to share, please do not contact Ken. Instead, you may contact one of the following support services:

London based support group



Guelph support services

US based:

Speaking Engagements:

If you have been reading Ken's blogs on his personal abuse story or if you have read his most recent book, "Requiem For Black Shoes", a story about the life consequences of child abuse, you should know that Ken is AVAILABLE FOR PRESENTATIONS ON THE SUBJECT OF CHILD ABUSE. A RETIRED TEACHER, Ken has vowed to go anywhere to speak on the subject about which he is so passionate.

If you'd like to talk to Ken about a speaking engagement, please email him, leaving your phone number so he can call you.

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