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About Ken

is married to Louise, with 3 children and 5 grandchildren
taught high school for over 30 years
is on the Board of Directors for the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association and for the Breslau Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre
is designated scribe for the Guelph Chapter of the Arthritis Society
organizes and manages weekly golf for a group of over 250 seniors
is currently working on a new children's book
Ken is a founding member of the Independent Authors and Illustrators of Canada. See for more information.




One of my favourite activities is to golf with the seniors here in Guelph. Our seniors' golf group has grown from 12 members in its first year to over 250 members this year. We now have 3 groups of golfers, each group golfing at a different golf course in the area every Monday.

When I am not on the golf course, I am usually at my computer banging out another rhyme or I am playing bridge with my wife, Louise, and other seniors. Probably my number one favourite activity is to be with my family, especially my grandchildren. To be able to see the world, at my age, through the eyes of a young person is a joy and a blessing. I am working on another children's book and hope to have it available soon. - Ken

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