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Ken Hills and Lea Kivi
Ken Hills' book for adults, Requiem For Black Shoes, explores the traumatic effects of child abuse. It is a factual and personal story with fictional embellishments.

What Ken has to say:
"At times over the years, I have experienced anger, frustration, confusion, disgust and fear with God, the Catholic church, priests, victims of child abuse and sexual abuse in general in trying to cope with an experience that occurred over fifty years ago. Through the support of a loving wife and family and the professional care of a psychiatrist, I have found relative peace in my life. I can say I have been blessed with the gifts of love and support from those close to me. I don’t know why life did not turn out differently for me. I suspect that God has been manipulating me to assist in a small way in His divine plan. I do believe that we all have been assigned a part to play in creation." book order...

What they're saying about Requiem for Black Shoes:
"The preponderance of news lately about the incidents of sexual abuse allegedly committed by members of the clergy is extraordinary. What gives these statistics flesh are stories like this one, which allow us to feel and appreciate the lifelong imprint and daily consequences for each victim. This is a tantalizing tale of such a person, told with sensitivity and humour, set descriptively among familiar landmarks."
Pamela Verrill Walker, Lawyer       ...more reviews...

Other Books by Ken Hills
Bridges is a collection of short stories and poetry. It records experiences and impressions and relationships. I draw on my travel across Canada and reflect on the human condition, the common denominator, as it affects each one of us.

A good read for those quiet moments of reflection, the stories and poems are based on personal experiences and general observations in which I have been involved along my own personal journey.

The Sherwood Park Family
The Sherwood Park Family is full of fun and laughter, conflict and drama. It is the story of two rambunctious, daredevil brothers growing up in the city of Toronto in the 1940's. This was a time before television, a time of radio broadcasts such as Fibber McGee and Molly, The Green Hornet and Lux Playhouse. This was a time when kids made their own fun as long as they were home before the street lights came on. This was a time when milk and bread were delivered daily by horse drawn wagons. Foster Hewitt was the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, a time when they were winning Stanley Cups. This was a time when doctors made house calls and sometimes stayed for tea. This was the time of the neighbourhood grocery store where you could ask the store owner to "put it on my bill" and he would. It was a time before television, the time of the Saturday afternoon matinee with a Bugs Bunny Cartoon, a newsreel that brought international events closer to home and the famous "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Superman! The two young heroes of this story spend much of their time in Sherwood Park with their friends. They attend a neighbourhood school and as their Momma used to say "boys will be boys". Their adventures are many and the dangers very real. In fact, one unpredictable event changes their lives forever. Relive a very special time in the history of a city full of surprises for the two young brothers of The Sherwood Park Family.

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Books for Children
Through the bird kingdom, Ken illustrates how important love and respect are for all of us. He shows through his bird characters the importance of sharing, of friendship, of civic responsibility, what to do about bullies and how to develop and nurture self esteem in our children. The lyrical quality of Ken's verses appeals to the ear of the child and the vivid colours and illustrations help to emphasize these very important themes. 
Story by Ken Hills
Illustrated by Rocco D. Commisso

Billy Bluejay is a story about a backyard bully and how the other birds cope with him. It explores their feelings and their reactions to being bullied. Imaginatively illustrated, the story is designed to encourage young children to talk about bullying if it is a part of their lives.

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Story by Ken Hills
Illustrated by Clif Train

This children's story is a narrative in rhyme. Fully illustrated by the other grandfather (Clif Train), it was created as a gift for our grandchildren. But grandfathers and grandchildren are universal in appeal and you will easily identify with the themes and the characters. It does have a Dr. Seuss kind of rhyme and features our own grandchildren.

Good for preschoolers and up to grade three or four children, it will capture their imagination and appeal to their natural affinity for rhyming and lilting sounds.

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Story by Ken Hills
Illustrated by Rocco D. Commisso

Like my other children stories, inspired by my grandchildren, Milly Mockingbird is too shy to use her own voice. She hides behind others and soon forgets what she should sound like. When she chances upon her own voice, she suddenly feels comfortable and the more she uses it the more confident she becomes. Her new improved self esteem helps her to express herself in a most beautiful way.

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New for children!
Story by Ken Hills
Illustrated by Brian Fray

Henrietta is a courageous and determined hummingbird. Her story illustrates how good things come in small packages.

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